“God vs. Tetsu,” the Strangely Anticlimactic Giant Robot Fight

Rendering a compelling giant robot battle in animation is one thing. (I mean, we’ve all done it, right?) Rendering a compelling non-battle is another. The short god vs tetsu doesn’t just eschew context like a plot, background on the fighters, or even the name of a city; half of the battle is just a temper tantrum by one of the combatants, and the conclusion takes a mystifyingly hilarious turn. More…

High Hazels: “Winter Song”

Sheffield’s High Hazels released their debut In The Half Light EP a few weeks back, but now have given us a video for the second track on the set, “Winter Song.” The song is built around a folksy acoustic guitar and drum pattern, with lush electric guitar riffs strewn throughout. With a Ben Gibbard-esque vocal, James Leesley sings introspective melodies in a calming and reflective baritone. The music video finds the High Hazels guys playing down on the boardwalk, going in and out of novelty shops, arcades, and watching the Ferris wheel go round. More..

Performance Poet Raymond Antrobus Recites a Poem Written in Honor of One of His Students

In a video uploaded by Chill Pill Shorts, Antrobus performs a poem that is dedicated to one of his students who has a heart murmur. The piece gives a sense of how angry the girl is that “she’s not normal” and can’t always do the usual teen activities. In reply, Antrobus urges the little girl to express her feelings via poetry and then muses why “being normal” equals “perfection” in the mind of society.  The poem ends with the girl expressing herself via poetry and Antrobus explaining “all the best poets know what it feels like to have a heart that’s different.”  More…

Newsreel Footage from 1934 Shows the Whole World Collectively Freaking Out

“Throughout the world, there is a feeling of insecurity surpassing that on the eve of the World War.”

Though this ominous quote comes at the end of the clip above, it perfectly captures the tone of these ten minutes of panicked newsreel footage from 1934. A pair of announcers tag-team a summary of the world’s events beginning with the first World War as they focus on mass disorder–wars, revolutions, and financial crises take center stage. The theatricality of it all adds some entertainment value to this early-20th century history lesson. Makes you wonder what our own TV headlines will look like almost a century from now. 

Explore a World Based on 80s Cyberpunk in “Jazzpunk”

Part spy movie, part film noir, 100% adventure–Jazzpunk is about a silent spy mailed to an abandoned subway station in Japan out of which a top-secret intelligence agency operates. Absurd and nonsensical humor permeate the game with occasional childish interludes–I’m speaking of a moment where you take a seat in front of your boss…directly onto a whoopie cushion. While it might not be the height of sophisticated humor, the scene definitely surprises a chuckle out of you, and the whole game is filled with moments like that. More…

The Playlist Project: A Year-Long Series of Daily Drawings Inspired by Songs The Playlist Project: A Year-Long Series of Daily Drawings Inspired by Songs

King Avriel: “Caricatures”

Avriel describes on her tumblr that the song is about realizing when you’re objectifying someone in a relationship, seeing him as an idea instead of a complex human being. It’s a nuanced exploration of privilege and interpersonal relationships, all brought together in a melodic neo-soul song. Avriel’s voice shines over messy guitars and layers of percussion and celesta. More…

Get a Glimpse of Old New York in “Old Queens, New York in Early Photographs” Get a Glimpse of Old New York in “Old Queens, New York in Early Photographs”